Getting Started / OT Process

The OT Process

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Please feel free to contact me to enquire about OT services, and/or complete my self-referral form to request services for your child.

There is no commitment required if you complete my self-referral form. 

You are always more than welcome to contact me by:

  • Email me (Marissa) at
  • Text or call me (Marissa) at (778) 931-0689

Kettle Valley Kids is a private clinic, so families may pay for services directly, explore private insurance coverage, or use any of the funding options listed below (if you are eligible).

Marissa is on the Register of Autism Providers (RASP) list, and can directly bill the Autism Funding Unit (AFU) once a family registers her as a service provider. She can provide some assistance to families with this authorization process, as needed. 

Kettle Valley Kids OT can also complete direct billing with:

If your child/family is eligible for funding not listed above, please feel free to reach out to Marissa to discuss whether she may be able to provide OT services through that funding source.

Check out the services/rates page on this website for information.

  • Our first appointment will be a meeting for Marissa to learn more about your child, including your goals and concerns. This may be completed virtually or in-person. Younger children do not need to attend this first meeting, though some, particularly older children, may choose to join.
  • By the end of this appointment, we will make a plan of what type of assessment could work best to explore your priorities and concerns.
  • Number of sessions varies depending on client needs and goals.
  • May be informal/play session(s), observations of your child in-person or through video, standardized assessments, additional review of history or reports, or some combination of the above.
  • Parents are welcome to attend sessions or drop-off/pick-up (if in clinic). You are welcome to be in the room with us, or wait in a separate/attached room.

See for more details about assessment options

  • We can meet (virtually or in-person) to discuss what was learned during the assessment, as well as initial recommendations. 
  • This meeting is optional. A written summary or report can also be provided, based on caregiver preference.

Working towards client goals can be achieved through play-based occupational therapy sessions, in-person or virtual consultation with caregivers/educators, written recommendations/reports, or a combination of the above. Goals will be continuously monitored and adjusted, as needed. As with assessment, parents may attend appointments or drop-off.

Frequency of sessions depends on client/caregiver preference and the outcomes/goals at play. We can work together to make a plan that fits your (child’s) unique needs.

Consultation meetings can be completed with caregiver(s) for specific concerns, without in-person assessment or intervention sessions. This may be helpful for:

  • Clients who are unable to miss school on a regular basis;
  • Clients who live far from the clinic or prefer virtual services;
  • Caregiver(s) who have specific concerns/questions, and want to learn how to support their child from home.

Consultation meetings will incorporate the following: 

  • Therapist review of OT intake form, any past reports you choose to send, and a sensory processing questionnaire;
  • Virtual, phone, or in-clinic meeting to discuss your child’s history, personality, parent concerns & questions, and initial recommendations;
  • Detailed notes from the meeting, including any recommendations or resources that were discussed.

The cost will be pro-rated based on the length of the meeting. Follow-up meetings can be booked, if needed and indicated by caregiver(s).

See for more details about intervention and consultation options